Shower Screens

The elegance of a frameless glass shower is in the simplicity of its design. The high strength of toughened glass allows the use of relatively small fittings to provide clean lines and a shower enclosure that is almost see-through.

AFGI’s frameless glass shower enclosures offer stunning minimalist looks, superb quality and the best shower screen components available.


showerscreen1  showerscreen2  showerscreen3  showerscreen4  Sliding Showerscreen


All wall brackets and hinges are of solid brass and are also available in heavy plated gold, chrome or saturn chrome finishes.

We utilize Thermally Toughened glass supplied from reputable Australian manufacturers. This guarantees the glass meets with the Australian Standard AS2208 and ensures a high level of safety for our clients.

Typically, 10mm toughened glass is used although some designs utilize 6mm, 8mm and even 12mm toughened glass. Our glass options include clear, tinted or a ‘white’ glass known as Starfire. Some designs require curved glass or ‘ozone’ surface textured glass.

Glass shelves are also available which not only offer a storage place for your showering products, but can also provide added support. Some of our glass shelves are installed free of brackets to keep the frameless look of your shower screen.